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Spring Break Tour 2011

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they’re here shit man haven’t seen you guys in forever so stoked practice space until midnight walking down the street young hannah and drinks and we hang you guys are kinda indie thought you were my metal friends we’re pretty grunge actually los gorditos in the am transferring love of the orange sauce to southern california our duplex now a factory tapes and cds and t-shirts screen printing anticipation for the show whiskey in flasks and cigarettes outside and late night sessions in doug’s room this is IT we’re on TOUR we’ve been best friends since high school one tackles the other rolling around, laundry done and next morning hung over little sleep marijuana and errands around town utilizing EBT for SoCal homies terrible jokes in the car not-so-fresh sushi but cheap as all hell the world young and desirable and drinks once again and “be sure to stick around for your band” most apologies to tony and all but it is done again the next day and we’re stoked to be here bar bar possibly the best burger in town matt king and his sxsw-fresh face and old friends and new friends and more people come out than we expected but we’re a bit drunk on stage but we feel hot we play well meet up with some girls afterwards at montage with a glorious elephant made of foil, taxis and caravans back to our place and the digital age and the girls leave and we’re asleep and awake again and we’re on the road with blood kyle graves in chico what a sight what a taste of our old friends, chuck norris and leaving in the morning and the alarm clock that sounds like a nuclear reactor and then UC irvine and nervousness dudes from DOM are real nice bummed to play first but it actually turns out well make a lot of new friends talk to a lot of new people joints near the car whiskey slugs and (the typecast pseudo-ness of wanting to want to live like a rockstar) kisses on the cheek in the park then across campus to a secret show in a trailer religious girls loud and present but ended by the cops then driving to murrieta the place of pre-life life for doug and i and the strangeness sitting around with nothing to do watch tv and friends who i feel love for the pressure to entertain the fact that my family dog passed recently redeemed by drunken flight into the hot tub and out with a newly acquired hawaiian shirt back to san francisco we barely make it the shivas are gentlemen/women and the kids are pulsating and the house is awesome haven’t seen some of these people in a while, we play and not as well as the first two shows we get bummed out we don’t blame each other we realize this is how it goes but a lot of kind words get offered a place to play whenever we come through town SFSU YOU ARE SO NICE, SO KIND lots of whiskey oh hello what is your name? that is a lovely name and your friend here? and pizza late at night some of the best i’ve had the random decision to drive back down (we drive 8 hours arrive at 7 pm drive 8 hours arrive at 11 am) and then sleep and down to san diego TIN CAN ALEHOUSE and the lovely ladies that run it and a good turnout at first and whiskey swigs and eye flirting across the room and the group of kids who hung in the back (reese, arturo, etc.) san diego is too calm for pressure it is the perfect place for endings we play say goodbye to our best friends TRUDGERS over much needed del taco and drive back to LA to stay with my brother shots of whiskey at 4:30 am we wake up and walk drinking at 3 pm excellent sushi sake loud obnoxious and out of breath as we trudge through the city and by 11 pm we’re exhausted, exhausted by nights of little sleep and too much alcohol and loading in and out but we feel cleansed and we’re accomplished and the next morning we drive straight back to Portland and we arrive at 5 AM in the morning, the most ungodly of hours and it is there and it is real and we have done something that seemed out of reach for us and our house appears and the city scape APPEARS IN THE BACKGROUND, SHROWDED BY FOG CIRCUMVENTED BY MOUNTAINS AND DREAMS



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In the near future:

3/11/11 LIVE on KPSU 98.1 FM (5 PM)

3/22/11 w/ The Reservations, Trudgers at MISSISSIPPI STUDIOS (Free, 21+, 9 PM)

3/24/11 w/ Dom, Heavy Hawaii, Trudgers at ACROBATICS EVERYDAY/UC IRVINE (8 PM, $6)

3/26/11 w/ Trudgers, Ghost Shores at TIN CAN ALE HOUSE (21+)

4/28/11 w/ Archers at EAST END